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VideoBeam | VER2GO | MMAS

Video Beam

VideoBeam is a proprietary software-only video compression system. It allows full-motion playback at lower data-rates on lower-spec machines than any other system currently available. This means that all users, including those with lower-speed CD-drives or slower processors, can get the best possible video display.

Video Beam Image Formats
VideoBeam supports 8-bit and 16-bit playback. In the case of 8-bit playback, optimal palettes can be automatically selected for each scene within a given movie. This utilises Beam Software's in-house colour reduction methods that are better than competing systems.

Maintaining sharp edges and small areas of high contrast is crucial when packing animated or computer generated footage. This is one of the strongest advantages of the VideoBeam algorithm over DCT-based systems. Independent testers have stated that for rendered and animated footage, VideoBeam gives better results than any other software system currently available.
VideoBeam also gives excellent results for live video even at low data rates. The packing utility has built in pre-processing that will remove the annoying 'hiss' from live or dithered footage. In some cases the final movie has resulted in better definition than the original source footage!

Video Beam Image Platforms
VideoBeam is supported on DOS, Win95, Mac and Saturn. Most importantly, the same binaries can be run on all platforms, thus only one compression pass is required and multi-platform CD's can be more easily produced.

The VideoBeam format allows additional data to be imbedded in the compressed video file that will be streamed off as the movie is played. This data can be used for sprite overlay, subtitles, hot-spots or anything else the project requires.

Video Beam Image Implementation
VideoBeam code is supplied as linkable libraries with an open architecture. The user can provide their own display and audio routines, resulting in simple incorporation into existing systems. This also allows post-processing of the footage or the additional data streams, if so desired.

The VideoBeam Offer
As part of Beam's efforts to promote VideoBeam in the marketplace, we are offering a one-off use of the run-time code and utilities free of charge to publishers and developers of entertainment titles. The full text of the offer is here.

Video Beam Image System Requirements
Pentium 90
Windows '95
16 Meg Memory
Win '95

VideoBeam | VER2GO | MMAS