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KKnD2: Krossfire
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Release date: January 1999

Some people just can't get along. The Evolved think they own the planet: they nurture it, they mutate on it, they grow freaky killer beasts on it. The Survivors think they won the planet on account of their technical superiority and the fact that no-one has been peeing in their gene pool. And the Series 9 robots (agricultural machinery gone REAL wrong) have decided that no human is going to own the planet. Looks like the end of the world again.

KKND Playstation is a new game set in the KKnD universe. Designed specifically for the PlayStation, KKND PSX is a real-time strategy game that takes advantage of the PSX control system. It features fast, arcade-style, real-time strategy action, multiplayer battles with two human and one CPU player, and ugly, hairy not-quite-people with giant scorpions for pets.

Key Features include:
  • Fast, controller-based orders system
  • Three selectable sides: Survivors, Evolved and the new Series 9 robots
  • Hordes of air, land and amphibious units for each team
  • Plentiful resources which allow quick army build-up for thrill-packed games
  • 45 single or multiplayer missions tuned to deliver fast-paced action
  • Two-player split-screen mode with both competitive and co-operative play
  • Spectacular rendered mission briefings, using FAMOUSTM facial motion capture system
  • Humorous text supporting mission briefings
Hardware Supported:

Memory card
Digital and analog controllers

Format: PlayStation

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese

kknd playstation