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Title:Story MakerFile Not Displayable
Author(s): Watertower Software , Alan Gilchrist
Country:New Zealand
System Requirements:
Description:This was designed to print out a choice from three options of ready made stories. The object was to initially answer questions such as your name, your friend’s name (is that a boy or a girl), your pet’s name (and was that a cat or a dog?), your street name and so on. This information would be imbedded into the printed document. Once the document was printed there would be blank spaces for the children to draw pictures relating to that part of the story. The three stories were: ‘The Beach’ (a trip to the beach from home), ‘The Circus’, and finally ‘Space Travellers’ (a fictional story about space adventures). The program was designed for fan-fold tractor fed paper and is printed complete with page numbers.

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