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Title:Olympic Gold
Author(s): ArComPro
Licence:Licence was not chosen
System Requirements:TRS-80 Model III or IV, minimum 32K of RAM Operates under the standard TRSDOS system
Description:"This programme allows for a minimum of 4 players (maximum of 10) to try for Olympic Medals... There is a total of 50 different events that can be held and while many of these are similar (eg swimming) there are differences such as the distance which allow for you to have a variation. It can be interesting to note that the GAMES will take quite some time if you are to play all events. Three to four hours would at least be needed to cover all 50 events with just one person playing against the 3 computer competitors. Longer time will be needed for more people. For the reason of time, a save facility is built into the programme to allow you to go through the events over a period of time." (Olympic Gold Manual, version 3.1)
Notes:The manual for this is held in the State Library of NSW

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