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Author(s): ArComPro
Licence:Licence was not chosen
System Requirements:TRS80 Model III or IV. Minimum 32K RAM. A printer is required, in the Questionsetter section of the programme. Designed to operate under the standard TRSDOS system
Description:Quizmaster is a two part programme designed as a random quiz unit for testing people from general knowledge to specific subjects. It can be used by one or two people -- one person competing against the clock whilst two people compete against each other. The first part of the programme is a question setting programme. With this part a person can set up a series of questions (up to 100) that can then be randomly selected. These questions can have one part, two part, four part or eight part answer choices. They can also set up the bonus point questions. The second part is the actual question asking section. The questions (21 in all) are randomly selected from the questions within the chosen file and are then asked. Points are earned (or lost) with the answers. There are three bonus point questions as well. The questionnaire has the choice of clearing either the answer or the question from the screen after a certain period of time. If questions are incorrectly answered, the correct answer is given. Taken from the manual, p. 4.
Notes:Quizmaster Manual: Version 3.1 is held in the State Library of NSW.

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