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Title:escriptFile Not Displayable
Author(s):Lutz Gross , Fenwick Joel , Gao Lin , Altan Cihan , Steube Ken
Publisher:The University of Queensland
Licence:Public Domain
System Requirements:no specific requirements C++ compiler, Boost, NetCDF, python, numpy, an MPI implementation (optional), ParMetis (optional)
Description:Escript is a python-based programming tool for mathematical modelling based on non-linear, time-dependent partial differential equations. It has been designed to give modelers an easy-to-use environment for develop and run complex and coupled models without accessing the underlying data structures directly. This approach leads to highly portable codes allowing the user to run a simulation on desktop computers as well as highly parallel supercomputer with no changes to the program. Escript is suitable for rapid prototyping (e.g for a student project or thesis) as well as for large software projects. It has successfully being used in a broad spectrum of applications including Earth mantel convection, earthquakes, porous media flow, reactive transport, plate subduction, and tsunamis.
Notes:- additional contributors: Ken Steube, Peter Hornby , Thomas Poulet, Artak Amirbekyan, Joel Fenwick, John Gerschwitz, Elsbeth Thorne, Jon Smilie. - source code and binaries available from

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