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Title:GENSOLFile Not Displayable
Author(s):John GRAHAM
Licence:Public Domain
System Requirements:PC running DOS Clipper (Summer 87)
Description:Genealogical recording and reporting
Notes:Originally written in 1981 to run on a PR1ME mainframe using TOTAL as the DBMS. Rel 2 created in 1986 to run on a PC using dBase III+. First commercial release (R3V1) written in 1989 using Clipper. Sold 5 copies by word-of-mouth. Distributed as shareware in the mid-1990s via genealogical bulletin boards. R3V5 was reviewed in the July 1997 issue of "Family Tree Magazine" (UK). Used by the author until 2004 to maintain a database of over 60,000 people. Final release was R3V11.

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