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Title:Text Detective
Author(s):Jonathan Anderson , Christian Legg
Licence:Licence was not chosen
System Requirements:Apple Macintosh 68k/PPC IBM PC Compatible Macintosh System 4 to 8.1 Windows 3.0 to 95
Description:A fun and challenging Cloze (complete the missing text) game for Primary and early Secondary school.
Notes:Based on "Gapmaker" (Prologic, 1986, Apple2/Mac/PC) and Tie Tracer (Jacaranda Software, 1987, BBC microcomputer). Written in Lightspeed Pascal for the Macintosh by Christian Legg, ported to Windows platform by Dataworks' inhouse programming team. The Macintosh version utilised text-to-speech to pronounce letters and words as they were entered. Available for retail sale from 1993 until 1997, Text Detective sold 5000+ copies in Australia. Hardware for the Macintosh version was provided by Apple Australia under the Apple University Development Fund in 1990. This fund seeded developers with equipment to write software for Apple Macintosh systems.

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