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Author(s):Rex Toomey , Yvonne Toomey
System Requirements:Current version - 2gb Ram, 5gb HDD; min. 1024 x 768 resolution monitor. All versions of MS Windows
Description:Family History Software
Notes:I am the author and programmer of the software together with my wife Yvonne; the current version of the software is written in Visual FoxPro (VFP9 release 1). The origins of the program started out in the late 1980's on a Commodore 64 which was later migrated to a Commodore 128 in early 1990. Then in 1994 it was re-written from the ground up using a now-defunct dbf software called Clipper Summer 87. The code was then transferred to another dbf software called Foxpro which was eventually bought out by Microsoft as Visual FoxPro. Ezitree is still available as a commercial product (v12.05.0041) with minor changes made every few months. My wife and I are the copyright owners of the program and all algorithms, excepting of course for the embedded third party products. All manuals and training guides are provided as PDF files and the system has context-sensitive Help files for each window.

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