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Title:String Centering
Author(s):George Dick
Publisher:Adam Press
System Requirements:Developed on Apple ][e Developed in DOS 3.3
Description:Most of the thirty-five programs listed in this book came into being to meet particular needs which arose during the development of an extensive suite of business programs. Others are the result of radical alterations to existing public domain programs in order to satisfy other requirements which arose during most recent times. The programs may be of some use to other novices engaged in writing their own programs in Applesoft BASIC. (Taken from the book, Thirty-Five Short Programs in Applesoft BASIC, 1988, published by Adam Press - 3 Avoca St, Glenbrook NSW 2773).
Notes:in, Thirty-Five Short Programs in Applesoft BASIC, 1988. Manual is in the collection of the State Library of NSW. ISBN 0 9592563 3 4.

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