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Title:SC3000 RPGFile Not Displayable
Author(s):Andrew Kerr
Country:New Zealand
Licence:Public Domain
System Requirements:Sega SC3000
Description:Plot: The King's daughter has been kidnapped, you and your half-orc friend have been hired to rescue her. Genre: Simple RPG inspired by Wizardry 1. Language: Z80. Graphics: The text/graphics screen mode was used, when in the kidnappers lair the text screen (not visible) contained the 2d map used to derive the player's POV on the graphics screen. Monster profiles were shown during encounters and the lowercase characters were redesigned to be tiny capital letters so a maximum amount of text could be displayed. Screen layout: Tiny-character text was displayed in the bottom panel. Character details, inventory and battles were shown in the right panel using regular capitals.
Notes:The attached file is a mockup done from memory, all development notes and copies of the game were inadvertantly lost. The view of the dungeon was wireframe and encounters with monsters were either scripted (for special encounters) or random. Battles calculations simplistic and based on Steve Jackon and Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy books method where rounds were decided by player skill vs monster skill with a modifier (roll of a die/dice) and the loser's health would decrease until it reached zero although I altered the modifier to allow for such things as equipped items and spells in effect. There was no sound, text descriptions were used to describe battles such as "swish!" for a missed attack and "clang!" for a blocked attack. There were also things such as pressure pads, doors, keys and buttons, traps, pits, treasure and scripted messages to create atmosphere.

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