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Title:Directory Opus
Author(s):Jonathan Potter
Licence:GNU General Public License
System Requirements:Commodore Amiga OCS/ECS and above. AmigaDOS (Workbench 1.3 and later).
Description:Directory Opus v4.16 - a two-paned file manager with advanced features for full control of the contents of your filesystem.
Notes:Directory Opus (DOpus) v4.16 was released under the GPL in 2000. The source code (in C) is included here for archival purposes (also found at Directory Opus is still under active development for the Microsoft Windows platform but no longer for Amiga OS. Various ports have been made from the v4 sourcecode, including for the AROS and MorphOS Operating systems. Filemanagers have also appeared that use the same approach including "gentoo" and "worker" which are available on the GNU/Linux operating system. More information on the current releases of Directory Opus can be found at

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