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Title:Laser Hawk
Author(s):Andrew Bradfield
Publisher:Red Rat Software
Country:New Zealand
Licence:LicenceList was not chosen
System Requirements:Atari 8-bit
Description:A Scramble clone, inspired by Tail of Beta Lyrae. The player pilots a helicopter. The game has 5 stages, and at the end of each stage a command center must be destroyed (earning an extra helicopter). The game features end of level and end of game animations.
Notes:Graphics are by Harvey Kong Tin. Developed in Dunedin. The helicopter is said to be inspired by Choplifter. The game had a commercial release in England. Harvey Kong Tin notes: The game features an end of level animation (reward) for completing the level. The game was developed in 1985 over a period of around 9 or so months. It features sophisticated use of the hardware, as there is a lot happening on the screen graphically - in this very fast paced action arcade game. It is a fine smooth scrolling horizontal shooter game. As far as I can remember - Laser Hawk (ie. Hot Copter) was completed in 1985 - and I will guess that Dinkey Kong was probably completed months earlier... And so, while Laser Hawk may not be New Zealand's first computer video game - a comparison with Dinkey Kong is inevitable. While I have not seen screenshots of Dinkey Kong - but knowing the limitations of the Vic-20 hardware. Laser Hawk will be up to arcade quality standards (it does feature fast smooth sprites and fine-scrolling) and there is sophisticated use of the Atari hardware demonstrated - and so, it has been suggested that Laser Hawk should earn the title of New Zealand's First Quality Computer Video game - and Hawkquest, is New Zealand's 2nd (and largest - with it taking up 360k of disk space) Quality Computer Video game. Mention is made that this was also published by Twilight Software. Screenshots and further information for Laser Hawk and Hawkquest can be seen at:

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