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Author(s):Andrew Bradfield , Harvey Kong Tin
Publisher:Red Rat Software
Country:New Zealand
System Requirements:Atari 800 (Harvey Kong Tin notes: Atari 400/800/32k/48k/65XE/600XL/800XL/130XE)
Description:For HawkQuest I'm to be blamed for the planning of a huge project, for its time--which took 3 years part time to complete. (We didn't know how long it would take to complete it.) It's two separate games, interlinked: the main game is a Xevious variant, using a helicopter to bomb ground targets and air missiles for air attacks, the secondary game is similar to Gauntlet/Shamus where you are roaming around underground fortresses in search of a missing crystal segment, but making use of inventory items along the way. A kind of scavenger hunt, all of it is linked via an interface of choosing which planet would you attack in what order. You can load/save saved games via the interface. So you do a Xevious-like run topside of the planet first, bomb a control mechanism at the end, to access the Secondary Game. The Secondary Game takes place within the planets interior fortress, completion of the secondary game takes you via teleport back to your own spaceship. There are five planets which you can attack, each with its own terrain, each underground fortress is completely different. The game was programmed on an Atari 800 48K computer. The game is supplied on 2 single density (90K) diskettes in which four sides are used. Therefore the whole HawkQuest took up 360K of data. With the decline of the Atari 8-bit computers and the appearance of the Atari ST and Amiga computers, we knew this would be a last hurrah game for the Atari 800/etc computers. I put some Atari ST references in the planetary landscape and level design layout. Taken from
Notes:Programmed by Andrew Bradfield, Graphics by Harvey Kong Tin. Map images are at Harvey Kong Tin notes: Work on this game started immediately upon completion of Hot Copter (Laser Hawk). A very early drawing - had the title of "Hot Copter II". Work started on this title, not knowing when the finish date would be... Three years later - it looked near complete, and we stuck with the original design - 2 games interlocked together, a variation on "Xevious" and "Shamus"/"Gauntlet". This was only conceived as a Disk Only game. However Red Rat requested a cassette version - and we reluctantly agreed with this - however, only the main game could be run from cassette. The secondary game was not feasible to run from tape - because you would have only the one go with it (when your lives ran out - you could not restart the game all over again - because the original layout (ie. map) was no longer in memory --- and it would have been too much to ask of the player to reload the whole game/level again. Also it would have required too many cassettes. Screenshots and further information for Laser Hawk and Hawkquest can be seen at:

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