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Author(s):Nick Thieberger , Thieberger
Licence:GNU General Public License
System Requirements:Mac, Win
Description:A tool for browsing transcripts of media that are time-aligned to the media.
Notes:Audiamus instantiates the links of text to digitised media. It requires no segmentation of the sound/video file. Currently there is no limit to the size of the media file or the number of transcripts. Each 'card' of the current model represents a single transcript (typically a complete side of a cassette). Time-aligned transcripts, as produced for example by SoundIndex or Transcriber are the input for Audiamus. The transcripts in Audiamus are plain text and can be edited, as can the timecodes. Thus the data in Audiamus is the master copy of the transcript that is improved incrementally with use. To avoid the problem of data being locked up in proprietary formats there is a mass export function that dumps all linked text and timecodes to plain text files, or to a format the user selects (one of QT, XML, Shoebox). A concordance of all words in the dataset provides one way of navigating through the data, and there is also a normal text search function and a regular expression search (using standard PERL expressions).

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