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Title:Dungeons of KhanFile Not Displayable
Author(s):M. G. Watts , Michael Watts
Publisher:Honeysoft Publishing Company
System Requirements:Keyboard Microbee
Description:Grphical Dungeons & Dragons type
Notes:Released on Honeysoft Graphic Adventures Vol 1 floppy. Part of the Microbee Software Preservation Project (MSPP) collection.
Additional Information
Authored by:M. G. Watts - Michael Watts
Publisher:Applied Technology Atarman
Hardware Requirements:Microbee 32k Personal Communicator
Software Requirements:Basic
Description:Graphic/Text Adventure
Notes:You had to Rescue Princess Lara (my girlfriend at the time) from the Evil Khan and his Dungeon Masters. I was 17 when I wrote that and we had to teach ourselves programming from magazines.
Licence:Public Domain

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