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Textual Site Map
This site map is a comprehensive breakdown of the Beam site so you can zero in on the sections you're looking for. All the headings in orange are hotlinked, but you can also use the conventional menu buttons down the left side of the page and on the top bar to get around the site.
Home (top bar) - our front door - check out what's new
Search (top bar) - this page
About (side menu) - About Beam: the corporate information
  • About Beam - what we do; a bit about us
  • Beam History - our history from the compan's inception to today
  • Our People - short bios on each of our directors and key management personnel
  • Contact - how to contact us; feedback form
  • Jobs at Beam - positions vacant at Beam

Technology (side menu) - tools and technologies we've created to stay one step ahead of the competition
  • Video Beam - Beam's video compression technology for the PC
    • Video Beam offer - limited offer to trial Video Beam free to publishers and developers of entertainment titles
  • Vertigo - our 3D graphics and physics engine
  • MMAS - our mulitmedia authoring system
Press (side menu) - all our press releases since the company became public
Current Titles (side menu) - all the titles that are released or upcoming
  • Current Products - released titles
  • Upcoming Releases - about-to-be-released titles
  • In Production - what we're working on or starting work on
  • Recent Releases - what we have out there on shelves right now
All Titles (side menu) - everything we've ever done
  • Gameography - database of all our games and other software
  • Most Recent Demos - the latest demos, patches and add-ons for our games
  • Old Games - download complete versions of our classic 8-bit games: blasts from the past

Beam Divisions
Beam International has a number of divisions. Some of them have sites of their own - eventually all of them will. Here's a list of Beam's subsidiaries and a brief description of what they do.
  • MCM - Motion Capture Magic - dedicated to making hardware and software systems that can make motion capture quick and easy.
  • Smarty Pants - A division dedicated to creating high quality educational software for children. Their Language For Kids series continues to expand its titles.
  • FAMOUS Faces - a real-time motion capture system dedicated specifically for facial expressions.
  • Melbourne House - Beam International's publishing arm. Amongst the titles published by Melbourne House are the classic KKND and the acclaimed Cricket 97.
  • Splash - Splash is Beam International's much-awaited web authoring package, still in the beta testing stage at present.