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Beam History

Beam Releases Krush Kill 'N" Destroy (KKND) and Cricket 97 with wordwide distribution through Electronic Arts
Beam announces Smarty Pants, a division of Beam International devoted to Educational Multimedia, beginning with its award-winning Language for Kids series
Beam launches Famous Faces, a facial motion capture hardware and software solution perfectly suited to the film and computer game industry.
Beam releases Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition, officially licenced by the ACB and ECB.
Beam releases KKND Xtreme, encompassing new missions, multiplayer maps, skirmish mode and a range of new features.

Beam is publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange
Five Time Winner at the 1996 "ATOM" Australian International Multimedia Awards:- Best Game, Best Graphics in a Multimedia Product, The Premier's Gold Award, Best Primary School Resource, Best Dramatic Production
Melbourne House to publish Beam Software titles
Relocated to the new Beam International Building

SNES Cricket achieves #1 status in Australia and UK
EA Sports Cricket '96 best selling CD-ROM sports title in Australia
The Dame Was Loaded released in Australia to rave reviews

Company begins using VideoBeam technology in its game development

Beam reaches 65 employees in games development
Beam completes two games based on FASA licenses 'ShadowRun' and 'MechWarrior'
'ShadowRun' acclaimed as a new direction in adventure gaming on consoles and 'MechWarrior' as best 3-D fighting game
First LaserBeam titles released in Europe

Two NES titles released by LaserBeam in Australia, 'Aussie Rules Footy' and 'International Cricket' - both titles reach #1 position in Australia
LaserBeam extends its Nintendo license to cover all of Europe, East Asia and Australasia
Beam titles receives 4 nominations for 1991 Nintendo Power Nestor Awards

Beam reaches 40 employees in game development
Beam completes 'Super Smash TV' for Nintendo and SNES. This title recognized as first game featuring fast arcade action on SNES
Beam Group starts LaserBeam Entertainment, as subsidiary to publish Nintendo games, and obtain Nintendo License for Australian market
Beam starts development of CD-ROM games for NEC PC-Engine for Japanese Market
Beam reaches 30 employees in game development
Beam completes GameBoy 'Hunt for Red October', first GameBoy game to feature head-to-head arcade action
Beam completes NES Star Wars for LucasFilm

Beam starts development of games on NEC PC-9801 and NEC PC-Engine for the Japanese Market
Adam Lancman becomes shareholder and Joint Managing Director of Beam Group

Melbourne House included into Virgin Group, following takeover of Mastertronic
Beam develops titles for Nintendo publishers in US and Japan

Melbourne House (Publishers) sold to Mastertronic Group
Beam starts development for Nintendo NES

Melbourne House sales account for 10% of UK market across all formats
'Way of the Exploding Fist' acclaimed as #1 best-selling title throughout Europe, with over 500,000 units in Europe
Release 'Rock 'n Wrestle', first wrestling game for computer formats

Appoint Geoff Heath as MD for Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd.
'Way of the Exploding Fist', first martial arts combat game for computers, released on Commodore 64 and immediately reaches #1 chart position
Melbourne House reaches 12 employees in Europe

Release 'Lord of the Rings' for most formats throughout Europe
Licensing agreement reached with Addison Wesley for US release

'The Hobbit' reaches #1 best-selling position throughout Europe, and converted to most computer formats - sales exceed 500,000 units
Melbourne House releases 'Penetrator', for TRS-80 for US market

Adam Lancman joins Beam Group as Financial Director
Beam develops the 'Horace' series for Sinclair Spectrum distributed by Sinclair
'Horace' acclaimed as first arcade game for Sinclair Spectrum
'The Hobbit' released for Sinclair Spectrum by Melbourne House
'The Hobbit' acclaimed as first serious adventure game in Europe

Development starts for Sinclair ZX-81

Development starts for Sinclair ZX-80
Beam acquires license for computer rights to 'The Hobbit'

About Beam | Beam History | Our People | Contact | Beam Jobs
See Us At | Beam Awards | Sponsors