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Australia's largest games and multimedia producer is recruiting!

Beam Software is a major developer, creating major international titles. Our clients include Microsoft, Sega, Electronic Arts & Nintendo. Beam software is expanding and we need a number of committed people to move forward with us into the exciting world of leading edge interactive entertainment. If you have a love of games and want to be part of this dynamic and challenging industry then you may be the person we are looking for.
Vacancies are available for:

Research and Development Positions at Beam International
The 3D Animation Group at Beam International is dedicated to creating world class professional animation software. Check out the FAMOUS home page to see details on our award winning facial animation product, FAMOUS Faces.
We are currently working on new products-focusing on new techniques for productivity and creative flexibility in character animation.
We are looking for world class software developers, with strong knowledge of computer animation, and quality software design.

Project Manager
  • Manage programmers and software testers
  • Evaluate and guide progress on software projects
  • Manage production of short animation pieces
  • Experience at software Project Management
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills
  • Proven ability at estimating time and resource requirements
Software System Designer
  • Produce technical design documents
  • Implement and support core systems
  • Communicate with and assist other programmers
  • Experience on medium or large scale projects
  • Knowledge of computer graphics programming
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong software engineering skills
  • Familiarity with computer animation production
Research Engineer
  • Research topics related to computer animation
  • Implement technically advanced animation functions
  • Assist in system design
  • Ph.D. or high qualification in computer graphics or robotics or biomechanical modelling
  • Proven programming and software design ability
  • Good communication skills
Windows NT Application Programmer
  • C++ application programming
  • Work may include 3D Graphics, Database, and GUI coding
  • Experience with Windows NT
  • Strong programming skills
  • Knowledge of relevant areas
Technical Writer
  • Write technical documentation of software systems
  • Produce user manual for animation software
  • Understanding of C++ programming
  • Good writing and editing skills
System Administrator
  • To maintain workstations, network, and software for R&D group
  • To assist in motion capture
  • Knowledge of PC's, Windows NT, networks, applications

Please send applications to: (FOR R&D JOBS ONLY)
    Gordon Lescinsky
    Beam International
    14 Queens Road
    Melbourne, Victoria
    Australia 3004
    61-3-9866-8300 (ext. 211)
    61-3-9866-8674 (fax)

Recruiting for:
Artists, Programmers, Producers, Technical Directors

How'd you like to work for Melbourne House / Beam Software, most recently known as creators of the real-time strategy classic KKND and its upcoming sequel KKND2: Krossfire?
We're located in Melbourne, Australia, voted the world's most liveable city, far from the dreary drizzle of England and the crime-related anxiety of the US. Our city has some of the best (and cheapest) restaurants in the world, and the live music scene here is unparalleled. Our airy modern offices are just a couple of hundred metres from the Melbourne Grand Prix track and Albert Park Lake and a short tram ride to the city center, cosmopolitan shopping strip Prahran, the majestic Royal Botanic Gardens, or the beach (click here to sample the view from our building).
We're looking to hire talent from overseas - artists, programmers, producers, technical directors - all with prior experience in the games industry, to join and share expertise with our company of 140 talented game-loving people.
Looking for a change of pace in your life? Looking for a place where you and your skills could really make a difference? Well, then maybe you should be talking to us.
Send your pertinent material to us at:
Beam Software
Level 11 14 Queens Road
Melbourne VIC 3004
phone: +61 3 9866 8300
fax: +61 3 9866 8674
attention: David Giles
or by email to David Giles at:

Want to know more about Melbourne? Try We did, and we were pretty impressed (and we *live* here!).

Star C Programmers
We need champion C programmers. If you are a legendary C/C++ programmer (and we will test you) with a passion for great games then we have the job for you.
Two flavors of job exist. A good knowledge and love of computer games is essential for both of these positions:

System Programmer
Write the powerful low level systems the games are built upon, and tame the latest in games hardware.
In addition to C/C++, valuable experience would include: real-time systems, multi-processor programming with low-level orientation, embedded systems, assembler and graphics, particularly 3D.
Opportunity to work on the PC, 3D accelerators, Playstation and Nintendo 64. We will provide specialist training, but you have to be a star C programmer first. Must like Dilbert.

Application Programmers
Use the systems to build the game, mainly PC Windows based. In addition to C/C++ valuable experience would include: Windows 95 / 98, Windows SDK + MFC, Direct X particularly Direct 3D or Direct Play.

Email Ben Palmer: or

Associate Producer
High level of people and communication skills.
Advanced Budget management experience.
Detailed knowledge of Computer Games.
Previous experience in organizing large scale complex projects.
Proof of the above skills is essential.
Email: David Giles

About Beam | Beam History | Our People | Contact | Beam Jobs
See Us At | Beam Awards | Sponsors