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KKND2 - new add-on missions


Nothing is more important to us than the game-buying public. That's why we're releasing more missions for our new real-time strategy game KKND2: Krossfire. These new missions are completely free and can be downloaded from the KKND2 website.
 KKND2 Krossfire has new units, new terrains, new modes, a full mission editor, is destined to be a hit with Internet play... and that's just for starters!
 Mosey on down to the KKND2 website to see what all the fuss is about, and - of course - look out for KKND2 in your local game store.

SPLASH! hits the pool

 Beam's new web authoring tool SPLASH! has dived off the blocks and is doing laps with the best of the competition. SPLASH! is arguably the easiest-to-use web authoring tool on the market, with the simplicity new users need and the power advanced users want. And its price is very nice indeed!
 Check out its features and form on the SPLASH! website. You can purchase this compact gem on the Internet through online giant C|Net's BuyDirect facility.

Dethkarz released

dethkarz - combat racing action

Dethkarz, our combat racing funfest for 3Dfx-enabled PCs has hit the shelves. To date we've heard nothing but praise from reviewers and the general public alike. Visit the Dethkarz quotes page to read what's being said. Or just go out and buy the game from a store near you.
 DethKarz is an ultra fast, arcade-style, combat racing PC game developed specifically for use with the latest 3D acceleration hardware. It immerses gamers in the most stunning futuristic environments, and provides an unprecedented level of vehicle control and combat gameplay that 3D technology has been promising to deliver since its inception. Dethkarz is due to hit shelves by Christmas.

Melbourne House website

Melbourne House

If you haven't visited the Melbourne House site in a while, you should! The site has all-new graphics and layout, and of course you can access information pertaining to all of our current and recent games from there.
 Melbourne House is the publishing arm of Beam International, and is committed to releasing quality games for the most popular computer and console platforms.