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Check out what the gaming press
are saying about Dethkarz...

"DethKarz is the best arcade racer on the PC!...Nothing even comes close for pure visuals, control and gameplay......anyone who likes racing games or arcade style gameplay will love Dethkarz!"

- 92% Game-Over magazine -

"The best way to describe Dethkarz is Wipeout on wheels...Dethkarz manages to draw the best elements of the genre into itself to produce something that's spankingly good fun"

- PC Gamer Christmas Issue -

"Dethkarz is instantly likeable...Dethkarz is one of those rare games that takes you out of reality for a couple of hours and shows you a damn good time."

- PC Zone Christmas Issue -

"The graphics on this game are truly superb. While playing it people kept coming up behind me saying WOW! What's that...All round, a superb racing game, well made and great fun to play"

- 86% Total Control December Issue -

"There are some seriously entertaining tracks here...The blend of the two game styles works extremely well, with neither being more important than the other"

- Future Gamer -

"Fun, fast and pretty damn good looking"

- 85% PC Powerplay -

"the king is dead, long live the king" [in reference to Wipeout]

One of the best racing games I've ever seen!

- 95% Games Machine -

"It also shows just how smooth, how solid, how stupefyingly exquisite 3-D-accelerated racing can be."

"a glimpse into the future of PC arcade racing too. And it's here now. Enjoy it!"

"Dethkarz will be remembered as one of the most visually stunning racing titles of the decade."

- Gamepower -

"…an outstanding simulation"

- ZDNet Software Library -

"Unlike Pod, Dethkarz features a compelling and complex car model and PC racing has never looked quite like this....I had to consciously force myself from Dethkarz to complete my assessment...one hell of a ride!"

- Gordon Goble of Game Power -

"Of the games in the arcade combat racing category, Dethkarz appears to be the most visually impressive..."

- Bob Mandel of Adrenaline Vault -

"may well have succeed in creating the fastest, grittiest, and best-looking racing game yet...Dethkarz is one graphically intense game--The racing equivalent of Unreal."

- Gamesmania -

"One of the games at E3 that had me drooling for more was Dethkarz...check out the game you will soon be talking about"

- Voodoo Review -

"this game looks to have amazing, 3D-accelerated visuals -- and racing depth."

- Next Generation Online -

"the first PC racer to fully exploit the awesome capabilities of Voodoo 2 - the slickest-looking game for your PC."

- Gus Swan of Game-Online -

"very impressive...combines awesome futuristic tracks with the wildest fire-fights you've ever seen in a racing game - combines best elements of Wipeout and Super Mario Kart...one of the most anticipated games since Wipeout!"

- Kevin Cheung of Gaming Age -

"breathes new life into the racing simulation genre....futuristic racing environments, most excellent car dynamics and track layouts, customizable cars, weapons, killer graphics and other surprises round out this racing title "

- Joe Brennan of Computainment -

"it's great fun to play and the graphics certainly make you sit up and take notice. Looking for a futuristic racing game then this could be one to watch."

- Rush of Gamesrush -

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