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Melbourne House and EA Sports have worked harder than ever to bring you the most visually spectacular and technologically advanced cricket game for your PC.

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Key Features

  • Native Win 95 and DOS version on one CD.

  • Main commentary by Richie Benaud (the face and voice of Cricket) with pitch reports from Ian Botham.

  • True 3D stadium.

  • All player moves (including the umpire) have been recorded using motion capture.

  • New innovative camera angles in a TV style presentation.

  • Ability to create a team from the ground up. This includes giving the player's the ability to change everything from the team and player's names right through to the players skill levels (batting, bowling, fielding, speed, precision, stamina, acceleration and strength).

  • Network (DOS and WIN 95) and modem (WIN 95) play.

  • The ability to run the game in high resolution - we are supporting both 256 colour 320 * 200 and 640 * 480 video modes.

  • Improved player intelligence. All scripts that control the various computer players are further improved from the last product to make them behave in a more human like way.

  • Having commentary streamed off the CD in the background while the game is playing.

  • The use of our new hi-res FMV player.

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