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The DethSITE contest is finished and congratulations to all those that have entered, you've built amazing websites!

The judging is over and to see the winners list please click here.

If you're interested in building a DethSITE please click here for building and URL submission instructions.

If you want to check out some of the awesome DethSITES submitted already click on the author's names below ...

Author Name of DethSITE
Michael Pasia Karnage Inc.
David Hickman Otozun's Dethzone
Mina Haroun You Will Die!
Alessandro Civick Deth of a salesman
Assler Ranier cneXtreme
Lonnie Johnson Dethkarz
Ben Summers Dethkarz
Albert Lo Deth to all!
Ernest Yee UnOfficial Dethkarz
Ian Miles Eradicated
Graham Leitch Dethkarz Garage
Brian Turner Dethkarz Info Site
Mark Osborne Kill or be killed!
Andreas Jakl Destiny Deth
Elliot Zayas DeThKaRz
Mike Reed Dethkarz
George Yunus Yunus' Dethkarz Website!
Meveel Li Dethkarz
Gary Path Road Killer's Cafe
Michael Schlagmueller Dethkarz


If you want to build a Dethkarz Fan site - a DethSITE - you can use any web authoring package [ we recommend Splash! ]. When you construct your site remember to place at least one link back to the offical Dethkarz website from your DethSITE... As soon as it's built, submit the URL to the form at the bottom of this page and we'll link to your DethSITE so everyone can check it out!


We've chosen Splash! because it's free to download a 21 day demo and it's one of the easiest and quickest web authoring tools on the market today. Because Splash! is WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get - you don't need to learn any code...simply drag and drop images or text...It's perfect for new web authors, with the power to keep the experienced web author happy.

Tucows rates Splash! the highest honour - [ see review ]
Splash! is packed full of cool features - [ see features ]
Compare Splash! to other authoring tools - [ see chart ]

[ Download Splash!
- free 21 day trial ]


If you don't want to use Splash! go to Step 3.

Step 1.

Download your 21 day demo version of Splash!

[ click here - only 2.6 MB! ]

Step 2.

Get a 'walkthrough' tutorial on the official Splash! website to get you going if you've never built a web page before...

[ view tutorial ]

Step 3.

Build your DethSITE - it can be one page or many and you're welcome to use any images or text that appear on the official Dethkarz website...

Step 4.

Now that you've built your DethSITE and you think the world's ready, you need to put it up on the web. If you've never done this before you might want to check out the following web-hosting providers. We've selected them because they're FREE and they provide easy-to-follow instructions.
[ click on a link provided below to apply ]


Step 5.

Let us know when your site is ready to be shown to the world by completing the following form...

First Name:

Questions ???

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about sbmitting or building a DethSITE...

[ contact us ]

To receive updates on further competitions and Dethkarz development, be sure to join our mailing list

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