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  • 4 racing environments - Metro City, Grand Keys, the Pole, and the Red Planet, each with 3 different length tracks
  • 3 different race classes.
  • Single player mode features 19 computer controlled opponents.
  • 11 different super-destructive weapons and pickups.
  • Gorgeous scenery and wide-open vistas.
  • Arcade, Championship, Time Trial and Multiplayer modes.
  • Ultra cool car dynamics and track layouts.
  • Awesome jumps, stunts and car control.
  • 12 selectable cars with individual handling, combat and racing characteristics.
  • Unprecedented graphical detail and quality
  • 3D accelerator card-specific (includes native support for 3DFX and Direct 3D).
  • Stunning special effects: smoke, skids, sparks, weapon trails, detonations and debris.
  • Different race classes and hidden vehicles for enhanced replay value.
  • Multiplayer support via LAN, and direct modem/cable connection.
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               similar games in the comparison chart]

NEW screenshots from the Keys track...

NEW screenshots from the Metro City track...

STILL FRESH - Metro City track...

Click here to dowload Dethkarz media kit
[ 1.7 MB zipped ]

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