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 Thursday, 21 January 1999 

Megaladder Competition Opens

Click here to find out more about the Hottest Competition on the Web!

 Monday, 14 December 1998 

First Official Dethkarz Cheats

Click here to check out the first Official Dethkarz Cheats.

 Thursday, 8 November 1998 

Dethkarz ships !

Dethkarz is on store shelves in the US NOW! For more information on purchase info for your area please click on the relevant link below:

  North America
  Other Regions

 Thursday, 8 October 1998 

Turn your PC into an Arcade Machine !

Largest EVER PC games contest on the web. Over 1,000 prizes including 3D cards, Force feedback steering wheels, Audio gear and the ultimate gaming PC. Click here to enter.

 Wednesday, 7 October 1998 

Dethkarz Playable Demo !

Download the medium-length Metro City Track and then upload your best lap time to the DethLadder to compete for fame and fortune.

 Thursday, 27 August 1998 

DethSITE competition!

Create your very own DethSITE - Dethkarz fan site - for the chance to win one of 10 prize packs.

 Monday, 10 August 1998 

Quotes page!

Check out all the press Dethkarz is getting by going to the quotes page...or link to quotes from the home page.

 Friday, 30 July 1998 

9 NEW screenshots!

First glimpses of the Keys track and more Metro City...

 Thursday, 29 July 1998 

Next Generation interview

Next Generation interviews Andrew Carter - Producer of Dethkarz

 Friday, 24 July 1998 

Upgrade to Dethkarz website

Information and screenshots for another 10 cars have been added to the site... compare cars!

...read about the weapons and pickups available to the Dethkarz...also check out the cool new screenshots of the weapons and pickups in action.

...see a map of the Metro City track.

 Friday, 10 July 1998 

Metro City Movie - NOW SHOWING!

Experience the Metro City Dethkarz track first hand, by downloading the latest AVI files.

 Friday, 26 June 1998 

Take a look at Metro City!

Latest release screenshots from Metro City have been added to the features section.

 Thursday, 25 June 1998 

Dethkarz Website Launched!

The Dethkarz website was launched worldwide today. Mirror sites in North America, Australasia and Europe are soon to follow. Make sure you check out Dethkarz' impressive list of features, and a sneak preview of the cars in the game.

Join the Dethkarz Mailing List to receive up-to-date information about the game and its release.

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